Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Catching UP

Last weekend saw dd graduate

and my SIL's from FL visit. We even arm twisted them into spending Saturday morning in the rain watching soccer. Sunday I took the Girl Scouts horseback riding and we did their bridging ceremony to Cadettes. This week is also Bible School and L is taking a (free!) drawing class and tennis lessons in Bluffton. I've had to have S & E help out with that driving. I'm so thankful they can drive now. How did I keep from losing my mind when they were all younger and helpless? I also fit in a used curriculum sale in Fort Wayne yesterday. It rocked and I hit the free boxes and tables hard. Gotta love free. This weekend is just as packed as last with t-ball games, Bible School programs, the last soccer games and the boys needing to be at Boy Scout camp Sunday morning at 10am. Oh, and Phil is working so it's all my party. And I should probably get some food in the house. If I have time.

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