Friday, October 22, 2010

Week #10~Birthday Fun

Last Saturday my kids participated in a homeschool science fair. There were 10 entries which isn't bad for the first year trying it. At least I exposed my kids to the scientific method.
Wednesday the big news was that Mel turned 7. SEVEN! Eeek! Here we are having her chosen supper of frozen pizza.
We also had cupcakes with our friends at Kid's Klub at church. We didn't have a real party because we'll be going to celebrate a combo grandpa/Mel birthday Sunday. Her big present is we are going to go see Cinderella on stage Saturday.
In school
Math~He worked with graphs and division and aced his math quiz.
LA~He did lots of sentence conventions, quotations and paragraph writing involving transition words and describing a process. He wrote on making a peanut butter sandwich and taking a shower.
History~We discussed LaSalle and Sir Walter Raleigh and Roanoke Island
Science~We did pond habitats. We studied cattails, dragonflys and beavers and did a dragonfly lapbook.
We worked on the world's ugliest Halloween House. The icing was too runny so
We ended up with something like this.

Miss Mel ~
Math~She took a LU 104 test and got a 94%. She missed two she knew. Not sure if she wasn't paying attention or what.
LA~She began primer 3 in LTR and worked on sentence ending punctuation
Science&History~She does the same thing as F-man
She also did a blue million crafts and played train with Miss Ads

Not to mention worked on her engineering skills.

The older four continue to be busy. E is working three jobs and keeping up A's as of her college mid-term. The high school boys each had all A's for the 9 weeks. L had one B+. She sure got kidded about being the 'dumb' one in the family. She is going to a middle school dance tonight. Luckily she's in student council so will have to spend time taking tickets, thus cutting into possible boy time.


Doula! Liz Baer said...

That's a really nice looking display board for the science fair. I also love the Halloween House.

Karen said...

Happy birthday!

I like the halloween house.

Lorrie said...

What a fun week! I love the way the haunted house turned out. Drippy frosting = more authentic. ;)

Mandy in TN said...

Oh, don't say ugliest Halloween house. Say that it is a Gaudi inspired Halloween house! It looks like some of his architecture.

Sarah said...

Love the Halloween house. I'm sure Cinderella will be a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to your 7 year old.