Friday, October 29, 2010

Week #11~Pumpkin Fever

The week started off with my dad's 83rd birthday party on Sunday. That's a high point right there. I hope I'm as full of p*ss and vinegar as the old man is when I'm that age.Monday was our 24th anniversary. Phil's sister sent us these beautiful flowers.Monday and Tuesday were normal days. We did school, starting new light units for math and LA. Monday before the weather turned ugly we visited a local pond.
We continued through the week with our science unit on pond habitats and studied pond plants, the life cycle of dragon flys and mosquitoes and how beavers change an environment.
We also had Daisy and Cub Scouts and went swimming Monday night. Tuesday we had some kind of weird gale force winds (tornados in the area) and rain and so I was glad we went Monday.

When planning last week I totally forgot we had a field trip planned for Wednesday. We went to a pumpkin patch with a group of local homeschoolers. It was a very good trip. We had an explanation of how pumpkins are planted and grow along with some cute poems and finger plays for the littles along, a hay ride,
time to pet the donkeys and goats,
several games, a hay maze,
a corn maze, a pumpkin bounce house and oh yes, we got a pumpkin.

As much fun as that was it put us a day behind and then Thursday dawned with the dead. The tummy bug dead and that shot down Thursday. The only thing that got done was them listening listlessly to this

We are going to continue our study of Jamestown next week because we just didn't get it done this week.
Luckily today everyone felt better. We did our regular work (two days behind but oh well) along with some special Halloween/pumpkin activities.

They tested whether pumpkins, apples, lemons and grapes sunk or floated. They estimated circumference and length of pumpkin vines and then figured out how to measure those items with curves using yarn. They listed all the things they could think of that pumpkins can be used for and completed a Venn Diagram comparing apples and pumpkins. We also played Halloween matching game, wrote about our trip and created some paper mosaic art.

Tonight is our town's local Scarecrow Festival and we have three friends coming to spend the night. Saturday dh and I are going out with friends and we've also been invited to a Halloween party and Sunday is church, youth and trick-or-treats of course. I'm thinking I will need next Monday to recover.


WildIris said...

Oh, I so love your week (except the part about being down with a bug) and all the pictures!

Mandy in TN said...

Happy B'day to your dad, congrats on your anniversary, and sorry to hear about the virus. The Venn diagram with the pumpkin info was a really cute idea!

LaughingLioness said...

Sounds like a week full of LIVING. Hope everyone is feeling better! Really nice pictures )

Amy said...

Yes, I think you'll definitely need next Monday to recover! Great week! We've had our share of bugs around here. Uggghh!

Paula said...

Happy anniversary! Hey - I was there at your wedding... now I remember! HB to your dad, too. By the way, E looks gorgeous! Can't believe that baby is all grown up!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Hope you recovered! That little goat is darling!