Friday, October 08, 2010

Week #8~Memory Rich, Picture Poor

A busy week this week but I couldn't seem to remember to bring a camera anywhere.
Fman~ He worked on division which he felt like made perfect sense along with some geometry. We finished his second Light Unit (workbook) in Reading and he got a 95% on his test. He had a LA test too. He got a 93% and was darn happy with that. Grammar is not his friend.

Miss Mel~ Math was just more facts and reading graphs. She looked at me like I was stupid when I explained them. I could hear the mental "Well duh, mom" Reading moved on and she is really doing quite well. She still thinks phonics is boring though.

History~We continued to study the conquistadores and added in John Cabot. There's a lot to cover there.

Science~Not a very sciency (is that a word) week. Our mold is not growing well. We did a lot with hibernation/migration and why we have Fall and leaves.

In the afternoons we did a unit study on
We talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin, Fall, Indiana crops, who James Whitcomb Riley was, dialect, meter and all sorts of other things. We don't do many lapbooks but we did this time.
We worked with pastels and drew pumpkin patches too but they are too heavily pasteled to scan.

We spent today here

We crawled in wigwams and lean-tos, watched people skin animals, re-enact the battle, talked to trappers and pirates and used a two person saw. I just didn't think I could keep the three of them out of a fire or hatchet range and take pictures too.

L finished her cross country season. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I'm not sure what happened there.

C finished his high school soccer season. Suddenly it seems like we have loads
of time. It won't stay that way for long.


Robyn said...

Looks like a great week! Fun field trip! We tried to grow bacteria last year and it didn't work... try leaving something in the back of the fridge for a couple months! :-)

Faith said...

My science experiments always fall flat.

I really have been wanting to go do some re-enactments. I'm going to have to look out for one so we can go. That field trip looked very cool.

Looks like a good week. Enjoy your free time while it lasts!

Daisy said...

"I just didn't think I could keep the three of them out of a fire or hatchet range and take pictures too."

LOL. You are forgiven the lack of pictures. Glad you had fun and everyone is still in one piece. :-p

Moonbeam said...

This week must have been the week of the pumpkins. So glad you enjoyed the reinactments. What a great learning opportunity for all.

Karen said...

I just counted to see how many weeks are left of football season (ds17 plays trumpet in the marching band)----I love that feeling of "so much time" right after a seasons ends! But then something else fills that space right away...

Laurie said...

Wow! Just Googled Mississenwa. what a great place - I am sure that your kids learned so much just from that one trip!