Friday, October 01, 2010

Week #7

What happened to week #6 you ask? Life. Lots and lots of life. But on to the past week.

Fman worked through diagramming sentences and paragraph writing. Make that good paragraph writing.
Miss Mel doesn't like it much but we continued with phonics. She thinks that the fact she can read well means she doesn't need it but I think she does. And I win!

Fman worked more with decimals. He is doing really well with CLE but we added in some MEP logic type problems and worked in RS too though D is seeming mostly like review.
Miss Mel catches on really fast to math so far. I'm thinking of adding some MEP stuff for her too just for fun.
History~We have been studying all of the early explorers, conquistadors and the people they found here. Here they are grinding corn ala the Aztecs.
If the Aztecs hunkered down in the shade with rocks that formerly lined the driveway. It gave us a chance to talk about grit and our teeth too when I refused to make said cornmeal into muffins.

We continued looking at cells and also worked hard on learning the scientific method. We began tentative work on our science fair projects. For fun we did nature walks since who knows when it will turn cold and ugly. Might be next week, might be in 8 weeks. Who knows? I say why miss a nice day.

Miss Ads kept arguing these aren't cat tails because there are no cats. Three year olds are very concrete. Or she's channeling Elton John.

This is the outfit she insisted on wearing everywhere. Spanish, PE, the grocery, Cub Scouts. Evidently this is her version of the little black dress.
A good week overall. Much quieter than last week when I spent all my time working at the Boy Scout Parking Lot during Street Fair. They better really like camp.


Kash said...

Love the outfit!

Sounds like a fun week. :)

Faith said...

Looks like a good week. My dd is fascinated with cattails. We've got a bunch on our nature table. Did you know when you pull on the brown stuff lots of fluff comes out? Ask me how I know! LOL!

I, too, love the outfit!

Karen said...

Excellent fashion sense!

Robyn said...

That outfit is a stitch! Love the stuffed animal on the table! I have a picture like that up this week too! My dd used a stuffed animal to hold her grammar book open! Great week!

Laurie said...

LOVE the outfit!!! I bet she has the personality to match. Sounds like you all had a great week!

Daisy said...

I love the outfit! OOOh, science fair projects sound like fun. LOL about the cat tails.

Tonia said...

Sounds like you had a nice week! Love the outfit! She has her own style, that's for sure!

Mandy in TN said...

LOL- your little fashionista is too funny. Did you listen to a little Elton John music?

Bright Sky Mom said...

I was thinking it would be fun to grind corn like the Aztecs until you mentioned the grit!!
The outfit is adorable. :)
Lee (5wolfcubs)