Thursday, June 02, 2005

Last Day!!!

Today is the last day of school!! Woohoo! No more asking about projects, or forms, or lunches or did you bathe? Actually Friday was the last day of "school". I think they've been marking time and cleaning class rooms since then. E came home with a fistfull of awards yesterday. C also got a letter from his teacher telling him how amazing his math skills are and to keep figuring out new problems on his own. Who are these kids??? S at least continues my history of underachivement. "S has such potential, but...." LOL. Actually L's last day was yesterday. Kindergarten goes all day, every other day, here. I can't believe she'll be gone every day next year. What am I going to do all day with just two at home? Boring! Oh well, I have all summer with 7 kids (I babysit a friends daughter), that should make me look forward to school by August ;-).

This weekend will be a busy one anyway. L "blooms" up from a Daisy to a Brownie Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening the girls have their dance recital. ( I love dance, but the Moscow Ballet it isn't.) Friday evening they have recital practice and I think C has a Little League game. To celebrate tonight I'm making my "world famous" cinnamon rolls and calling it supper and they are sitting up tents in the back yard and sleeping outside.

On the renovation front, I finally planted flowers out front, sprayed all the weeds trying to retake our drive, waterproofed the deck, sanded the picnic table, and spent a small fortune at the grocery store to prepare for the locusts being home full time.

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