Thursday, September 08, 2005

First Day of Preschool

F started preschool yesterday.
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He didn't like school at all last year but seemed happier about it this year. He has been bored with the other kids in school. When Mel falls asleep in the afternoon he wanders around like a lost soul. He will be attending in the afternoon so maybe I'll have a couple hours a couple times a week to get stuff done. Or maybe I'll piddle the time away with a book or the 'puter.

I wasn't around the puter much last week because of 1) a really rotten cold 2) I've been putting up the garden produce everyone has given me. I'm not sure it's a cost savings really, and I sure know it's not a time savings. Yesterday I managed to drop a sack of flour into the huge pot of boiling tomatoes I was turning into spaghetti sauce so a load of laundry, a mopping, a wall cleaning and burned arms and legs later I had spaghetti sauce. Thank the Lord I don't have to depend on my efforts to feed us, we'd all starve. The sauce turned out pretty good though. Nice and thick too, LOL!

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