Friday, September 09, 2005

What Ranks as Best

In my attempt to turn my savages into caring, compassionate human beings we were discussing the hurricane and relief last night. I had included the kids in our sending more to the Salvation Army and in making health kits for UMCOR. I asked them what things of theirs they might want to send with a local group who is actually, physically going south. C stated that the most important thing would be to have a game boy. Not gamecube he explained, because power would be a problem. If there was a flood or fire, he'd save his game boy....uh what about his cat, his siblings, his mother???? Nope, gameboy, the rest of us could fend for ourselves. So much for compassion and caring, LOL.

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Jody said...

LOL! My oldest would probably say the same thing.

For me, after getting my family and pets to safety, I would go for all of my videos and photographs of my family.