Monday, September 12, 2005

No Interchangable Parts

So yesterday at church, someone made the comment concerning my 4yo. "Well sending him off to pre-school must be the same old-same old. That many kids must be like running a factory." HUH!!! Have they not met my children? Six more different personalities could not exist! Do people really believe that after two or three children personalities repeat like curly hair or brown eyes? I don't think this comment was meant in a malicious way but geesh!
For the record-
E--a classic overachiever, she could manage this household more efficiently than I
S--imaginative, sweet, sensitive and funny
C--analytical, mathmatical and honest
L--strong willed and focused
F--sweet, cuddly and BUSY
A--cute, sure of herself and constantly figuring things out


another lisa said...

I totally agree... we have 7 "kids" and they have totally different personalities, strengths and weaknesses. We get those comments too... usually people just shake their heads in disbelief...

Anne said...

If only! I'd use #6 for a mold but uh, wow, it definitely doesn't happen! None of my kids even look alike lol

Jody said...

Yes, each one is so very different. I often say that I can't stop wanting more, because each one is such a wonderful surprise.