Friday, September 02, 2005

What to Say

Number 1--I'm heartbroken for the people all over the Gulf. If I could go get those babies and bring them home I would.
Number2-- I'm furious with the idiots mixed in with all the poor victims. Why would you shoot at people trying to help
Number 3--The state government reacted abysmally and what is with the feds? If the state ain't cuttin' it, take over NOW, not
after things go completely from sugar to sh*t.
Number 4--Is anybody else really irked by the news coverage? There almost seems a glee, oh goody a disaster, nothing like
a disaster to boost ratings!

I'll stop now. If you haven't given check out the links below. Nag, nag, nudge, nudge.


Jody said...

The whole thing is just so unreal. I just can't stop the image in my head of babies suffering and dying due to dehydration.

And yes, the TV is making me furious. It makes me furious because I see people reaching up to the helicopters, crying and begging to be rescued, and I can't do a damn thing about it. I want to go there and donate my RN experience, but I have kids of my own that I can't leave, and it is frustrating.

So I will donate money and I plan to get Mia's stash of outgrown clothes and give them to a friend who is taking a truck there full of stuff donated from my hometown neighbors.

So, so sad.

another lisa said...

With such a huge population, there are always going to be seriously mentally ill people, drug addicts (who haven't had a fix for a couple of days) and just plain criminals... so although horrific, I was not that surprised to hear about the shootings and other criminality going on... that's why the government has to rush in to help and protect the people...