Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Ghosties With the Mosties

After much scrounging in the dress up box this is what we came up with.
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Mel-tiger, S-a thief (don't see it myself, but that's what he said), C-race car driver (left off the helmet for the pic), L-princess
F-army guy, E-a dippy hippy
I wanted to wrap my bottle of Jack in a brown paper sack and go as a wino. I figured I would need the fortification. Wise acre 11yo of course had to point out the object is to appear DIFFERENT from usual.
We had some disension when F kept changing his mind about what to be. He had on in succession, a pumpking (a pumpkin outfit with a crown), a dinosaur, a lovely yellow flowered number from one of his sister's dance recitals and finally an army guy. I began to lose patience and thought again about taking that Jack Daniels.
Extreme cuteness
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More napping of course
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Jody said...

LOL! I BEGGED BIll to stop at the store and let me get a beer. WE had had such a chaotic afternoon, by the time we got to trick-or-treat time, I was exhausted!

Looks like you had fun, even without the Jack! ;*)

Bernadette said...

You survived and thrived! Please tell me you those costumes aren't handmade!
So cute!!