Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

with apologies Bulwer Lytton. The weather last night was abominable. It blew, and blew and blew. I had dropped ds at a Boy Scout meeting and went on to dd's first basketball game. Two minutes into the second quarter everyone was herded into the locker rooms because of a tornado warning. I wondered to myself if wind borne lockers would be any safer than wind borne bleachers, but in deference to my rule abiding daughter, I kept quiet. We waited 45 minutes and then the warning was over and they called off the game. It was pouring buckets when we left the gym and dd refused to go start the van and drive it up (all that rule following again) so I got soaked getting the van. My hair of course did it's best to create an Orphan Annie look due to it's dousing. It continued to blow and blow all night. This morning we have someones shingles in our yard and we appear to be minus a couple soccer balls. Dh called to say someones trampoline was in the ditch, luckily not ours. There must have been a power outage at some point because the clock was blinking this morning, or rather, the hundreds of clocks on all the appliances were blinking. (Just an aside, do people really need a clock on everything but their underwear?) Our 2-year old alarm clock of course awakened us at 5am per usual so dh made it up to go to work on time.

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