Monday, November 14, 2005

Hectic Days

I'm sure it's obvious I've been busy. My little digital world suffers when that pesky reality gets in the way. Thursday I waited while they worked on dh's car. Always fun. Enough said. Friday I put on a suit and acted like a professional. I went to a conference that pretty much confirmed I'd been right about how to feed kids all along ;-). It was nice, especially the part where when I came home after dinner and little people ran to greet me. Usually dh gets that treatment and I, who have cleaned their messes, tended their boo-boos, and prepared those above nourishing meals , get treated like yesterday's eggs. Saturday was a killer yoga class in the morning and then dh and I took the four little kids (the oldest two having made escapes to friends houses) to a long afternoon at the park with hot cocoa provided by moi. After church Sunday, E stayed for youth group. S stayed the night with his friend. I took L to Brownies and C, F and A and I killed time at the park. The 40mph winds made it much less pleasant than the day before, at least it did for me. I didn't notice that it visibly bothered those who are closer to the ground. This week pretty much is filled already. Monday night-Cub Scouts and basketball practice. Tuesday-Boy Scouts and E;s first school basketball game. Wednesday-bb practice and Kid's Klub at church, etc. etc. It makes it a little hectic but at least they aren't bumps on a log, right? Right? Right, damn it!

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