Monday, December 12, 2005

Double Digits

C is ten today. It does not seem that long. I remember that the winter he was born was very cold and snowy. I walked up town to get the mail that day, dragging my then 3 and 18 mo old behind me. I remember thinking that it was getting too hard to fight the drifts and carry kids. My water broke about 3pm that day. I called dh and my dad to watch the other kids. I got to the hospital about 4:30. He was born about 6. He was my biggest baby at 9lb 8 oz. It was his head circumfrence that was really attention getting at 15 inches.
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C is a human calculator. He figured out and taught himself division right after first grade. He loves math, chess and puzzles. He also enjoys playing basketball, baseball and running cross country and being a Cub Scout. All of these passions pale though, compared with that precious gamecube time. If he only had a nice mother who would let him play as much as he wants! He's tried petitioning that it will improve his problem solving skills and hand eye co-ordination. But I'm not buying it.


novaks8 said...

They grow so quickly. Once they hit ten it really starts to fly by!

I have 3 above 10 and 3 left to get there.

Lori said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday C!