Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow Day

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Eight and a half inches of snow resulted in our first snow day. The kids were outside almost all day. How do they stand it? Of course, they have warm snow suits and mittens and boots. I've got jeans and sneakers. (I had boots, two pair in fact, which are now being worn by E and S.) They sledded and snow boarded and made snow tunnels in drifts. I want to know why my 4yo can snowboard, but I fall down every darn time!
They did come in some in the afternoon and we made this.
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And of course, we wouldn't want to keep that pesky extra icing around
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E is going to a LazerTagging, Cosmic Bowling all nighter tonight. I have to take her at 10pm. I may need to set my alarm to get up and take her. And I have to pick her up at 7am. Yuck!! You know the years are creeping up when your warm bed sounds much better than being up all night.


Lori said...

My kids put together a gingerbread house too on Thanksgiving, lots of fun but not so great to eat!

novaks8 said...

I know!

I would rather be in bed early than going out!

I find myself yawning past 9pm

Jody said...

Oh! That is a wonderful ginger bread house! I bet you all had fun making it.