Thursday, December 01, 2005

Grinchy Claus

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I'm trying to get in the mood for Christmas, I swear. I've even been to see Jinglebelle the reindeer and the town Christmas Tree lighting, but I'm just not feeling it. I tried to make a list today of what the kids want, and what I have and who else needs gifts. I kept thinking I was done, and then thinking of someone else and having to go get the list again. My amazon shopping cart is waiting for me to click buy, but I keep thinking of things so I don't want to do it yet.
No one in town is selling trees this year, so I'm going to have to go somewhere else to find one, and load it and drag it home. I like the tree, just not getting it in and out of the van. There are tons of treats to be baked, too many places we are supposed to go and in the middle of it, five teams worth of basketball games to get to. Humbug! Bah! Dratted Holiday!

I feel better now.

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Paula said...

I'm in the mood to enjoy the holiday, but not to do the actual work involved in it. I'm sure my cheer will be spoiled this weekend when we get our tree and put up decorations (and the mess and chaos that goes along with that).

I have a half full amazon cart, too! Don't want to have to pay shipping for that one forgotten item, do ya?