Monday, February 06, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Well, what I really wanted was to write a long snarky entry about how ANNOYING dh was this weekend, but I'll contain myself. Let me just say my tongue is still bleeding.

Fri-we had 2 basketball games and had to deliver L to a sleepover in another town

Sat-ball practice, pick up L, S's friends came in afternoon, took them bowling (in the crappy weather), came home, made them food, etc. at 1am dh got sick, this resulted in me disassembling the bathroom sink, got back up at 5:30 with baby

Sun-tried to speed memorize my lines in the church skit, took kids sledding, found dh's missing glove thus avoiding divorce, made pizza, bathed kids, checked back packs, etc. Watched the football game.

What a pathetic weekend. And the best part, dh said today that I sure was grouchy this weekend! Argh!!! A bloody stump I'm telling you, all that is left of my tongue is a bloody stump!


Annalise said...

Do we want to know how dh getting sick led to your disassembling the kitchen sink?

Sorry you had a miserable weekend - we did too, if it's any consolation :-)

novaks8 said...

Good job holding your tongue!
I find it very hard to do.

Jody said...

That was us last week. I was ready to give mine away.

Hope this coming weekend is better and that yor tongue grows back.

Paula said...

Sorry to hear your weekend was so cruddy and your spouse so grouchy. After just reading your post on the TOK board about stress levels--yours and your dh's--I feel for you. Also sounds like your hubby isn't very helpful and you do most things without him.