Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pinewood Purgatory

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Many years ago when ds was in first grade, and wanted to be a Cub Scout, I said I would help with the pack. Sigh! Never agree to be helpful because it will bite you. (You'll notice other parents haven't made the same offer and I'm still leading for ds#2)
If you aren't familiar with a Pinewood Derby it is a Cub Scout event. The boys are given blocks of wood and some wheels, and with the help of a loving involved adult, they are to create a car that will be raced against the other boys' creations. Unfortunately, my boys do not have a loving, involved parent. OK, that may be a bit harsh, but dh is not interested in 'woodcraft' and since I do not own a table saw, etc. our creations are always dismal. Saturday is the big race. C needs to paint his car and we need to get the wheels on straight and smooth. That sounds easy no doubt, but pine, nails and plastic are not really that speedy until you dump powdered graphite all over it. Not that that's messy or anything! I'm also in charge of table decorations and snacks. Hmm, 18 six to eleven year old boys. Perhaps benadryl with a warm milk chaser?

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