Thursday, February 02, 2006

Our Very Own Groundhog

S turns 12 today. How'd that happen? We had our traditional moment when we shove him outside and look for his shadow. (For meterological fans, he did see his shadow). We (affectionately) call him The Slouch on the Couch, but he's our slouch darn it! He is not too much of a sports kid, only playing basketball in our town league, but he likes Boy Scouts and camping, fantasy novels and Harry Potter, video games and pizza. He does pretty well in school but Lord knows doesn't put in any extra work there, lol!
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He's a good big brother to F and Mel, hangs out with C alot and irks E and L to death. He has a large group of friends and is the group comedian. I'm always reminded of the TV show Cheers when S walks into a room, except instead of calling "Norm" they all call S's name. He has (probably unfortunately) inherited my wiseacre personality, but we have a great time wise cracking with each other. It's good to have someone who has your own skewed view of the world.


Jody said...

I am a bit behind, but Happy Belated B-day S!

Paula said...

My oldest male S is turning 13 soon. How time flies.