Friday, March 24, 2006


A new soldier in my war with migraine has arrived. The daring knight on the shiny steed is called Imitrex. It works. It also makes my lips feel numb and my chest to feel like the knight (and his steed) are standing on it. Oh well, nothing's perfect.

Tonight is the school carnival, which I tried valiantly to avoid, but dd got frickin' free tickets for a poster. Gee, thanks. I think I'll leave Mel home with E (who at 13 wouldn't be caught dead at a PTO school carnival.) I'm not sure what C will do and I suspect S who is 12, will also feel it is beneath his dignity and stay home. Even if S and C come I can just release them into the wild and round them up when I want to leave. Think of me as I stand by the ring toss, sucker tree and ducky swim. Oh yippy. Why don't they have margarita booths at these things.


Melissa said...

My mom went on Imitrex years ago and the first time she took it she went completely numb from head to toe and became unable to move so much as an eyelid within minutes! Luckily she was in her bedroom at the time and just made it onto her bed. The first time was the only time she had this sort of reaction though, so maybe your numbness will go away with future uses.

Good luck at the carnival tonight! Grab a winning duckie for me!

novaks8 said...

OMG I always think they should have a Tylenol stand for adults.


Jody said...

Yeah for Imitrex!

I had to laugh about the margarita booth! Sounds good to me!

Carmen said...

I use the Imitrex nasal spray. Worth it's weight in gold, imo.

Paula said...

Yeah, a margarita booth is a great idea. And think of the $$ it would raise! Our small town festival and our church fair both have those same lame games, but they also both sport beer tents. Guess schools can't do that. Enjoy!