Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Mmm, well on the bright side I could be living in Nebraska! It is obvious, however, that meterological spring bears no resemblence to climatic spring.

I've been on a decluttering mission. How can a normal, non pack ratty family have SO MUCH STUFF! I've taken two van loads (that's a 15 passenger van) to Goodwill. That doesn't count the cr*p I threw away. Is it possible it is a genetic defect? Visions of my parents garage kept flashing before my eyes. On to the upstairs closets next.

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Melissa said...

We're working on decluttering our house here, too. It seems every time we had company over for the last few months, we just threw everything into garbage bags intending to go through it when we had more time. I guess we didn't need the stuff much if we still haven't gone through the bags!
Spring is having a hard time here, too. It snowed all day here in Rexburg, Idaho the last 3 days!