Friday, June 09, 2006

Better days here.

Jody, thank you for the kind comments.

kmom,Jody, and Chris, et. al. Congrats on *largerfamilies

*Congrats to *mabear on #12

*Rain today puts us at 4 games on Saturday. Of course now that the field is under water the sun is shining.

*While it was raining I was persuaded to play Go Fish (or Gold Fish as they call it). This was made even more tedium inducing by playing with a 5yo who doesn't know his numbers, a 7yo who insists on calling the 5yo moron, and a 2yo trying to climb on my head. The following game of Crazy Eights seemed enthralling by comparison.


Cornflake King said...

Cool blog. Do they enjoy cornflakes?



Jody said...

Your very welcome, and thank you!