Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Savoring the Moments

Friday I went to a professional conference. I left dh a schedule of where he needed to be with whom and when. It took a whole page of notebook paper. He was busy from 7-7. He seemed shocked. Bwahahaha! Welcome to my world.

Hail and baseball are a poor combination. At what point do we adults lose the thrill of "raining ice cubes" and refrain from dancing among the stinging pellets?

DS's comments after spending three days counseling at Cub Scout camp. "Geesh, those little kids really wear you out." Again, welcome to my world.

As a point of future reference, do not put my 5yo anywhere near a microphone. Especially in church. He will cradle it and sing into it like he's on American Idol.

Do not let oldest DD comment aloud on 5yo ds. "Thank you, thank you very much! He'll be here all week!"

Do not have a mother who finds them both amusing, it will only encourage them.


Jody said...

Crack me up!! Did your daughter say that into the microphone? Hilarious.

bonnie said...

Hi Jody! I couldn't stay away. It sounds like you're passing down your keen sense of humor! Oh, go ahead - encourage them. ;~)