Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One Of Those Days

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Do you ever feel you have your own thunderstorm lurking over your family? Yesterday I did.
L and F were to begin swimming lessons. L loves the water, jumps off the diving board, etc. but for some reason she decided she did not want to go. I got her in the car screaming all the way. She had a Linda Blair worthy fit by the pool. No amount of calm was going to reach her. I took her out, with many eyes staring at me. She did not calm down. If anything she became more loud and unreasonable. Now, if it had just been her I would have left but F was still in the water. It was quite a show. And I admit right here, this is childish, but I hate the other parents staring at me with that "what an imcompetant mother" look in their eyes. It was a very long 45 minutes. Mel pointing and chanting "naughty, naughty" didn't help either. Dh came home in the early afternoon to report his car is stalling and he needs replacement fillings in two teeth. He was not what I would call cheery. The backdrop for all this was 12yo and his snarky attitude. I can only conclude he finds himself wry or dry witted. I mostly found him annoying. At least the 14 yo is pleasant. Of course you only see her for 15 minutes a day as the rest of her time is spent shut up in her room. I'm beginning to suspect vampirism. At 9pm I delcared it bedtime for all. I just couldn't be nice anymore. They needed to remove themselves or it was going to get UGLY.


novaks8 said...

sounds like every day around here!


Jody said...

We have certainly had days like that around here.

truth said...

A 12 year old with a snarky attitude? Sorry to laugh, but that struck me as funny. Seriously though, sounds pretty normal for him. Hope today finds the cloud removed and a bright sunny attitude with a clear sunny day.