Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Go East, Young Weather Front

It stormed last night, a humdinger of a storm says L. Where do they get those terms? It is now a cool 85. You know it has been far too hot when 85 seems almost too cool to swim. It is hot on the east coast now. My reaction to that , neener,neener,neener.
We spent Sunday in the pool in the back yard. It was too hot to contemplate the beach or a real pool. Dh grilled fish and steaks and veggies for dinner, because if he didn't I was throwing the peanut butter on the table and passing out spoons. I took F for his kindergarten physical this morning. Oooops, it appears the last time I had him at the doctor he was 6mo old. I explained he hadn't been sick, I once again heard tht kids need check ups. I nodded and counted the posters in the room. Surprise, he is healthy! He still has to go to the dentist before they'll let him in school. Why is that? Are they worried about foot and mouth disease? Anyway, quieter here, only the doctor's appointment and Boy Scout awards tonight. I think I'll sit outside and maybe even wear a sweater it's so cool.

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