Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quiet On The Home Front

As if to show how fickle Hoosier weather can be, this weekend's beautiful weather has been followed by a rainy Tuesday and Wednesday. We've done puzzles, painted pictures, worked on 4-H projects and generally vegged. DD and I watched Rabbit Proof Fence while the younger set took in Samurai Jack. They can only take so much enrichment without needing a shot of pop culture. I also took C for an eye exam. He is near sighted but the optometrist felt like we should wait 6 months to get glasses because kids this age often have a sudden worsening of vision when they have a growth spurt. I guess you could say he received a reprieve. We are supposed to have tournament t-ball and softball games tonight but I suspect the field will be too boggy. I can't say I'll miss the opportunity to sit outside in 98% humidity. Blech! (May I also say, in a very tiny whisper, I'd really love it if the t-ball season would be done! Pro-bowling may be more entertaining than t-ball) On the other hand, though the national league lost in last night's all star game, at least it was interesting. I was flipping between the game and a program about a man who lived under an assumed identiy for 23 years. Very weird! It was interesting (though the reporting definitely had an overwrought tone) but when the psychiatrist they interviewed blamed the fact he was one of nine children for his sham I came out of my seat! Argh! Maybe he would have been a nut if he was an only child! Ok, rant over.

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