Friday, July 14, 2006

The Zoo with the Animals

It stopped raining, so ignoring the 99% humidity, I took the kids to the zoo. We went early so the heat was a little better. At 11:30 I declared it too hot and we went and ate our picnic lunch. Rather I ate the delectable array of fruits and veggies. They ate peanut butter crackers and went to play on the park equipment. Evidently there was some memo I wasn't privy to that stated that all the healthy foods you eat at home are designated untouchable at a picnic. The evening brought yet another t-ball game. C (Little League) and L (coach's pitch) are out of tourney but of course the t-ball team just keeps on winning. I was kept busy at the game buying freezies to quiet the other children I had drug out into the heat. (They begged to come, didn't want to stay home with their sister)
I got word that the area L and S are in got 9 inches of rain Tuesday night. S is in a tent and I guess they had to make a run to a laundromat about 10 mi away to dry everything out.Today I need to go get L from camp. She and S are only about 10 miles apart but of course he needs picked up Saturday morning. C also has Soccer try outs Saturday morning and dh is working and E's Softball tourney is Saturday. Sigh! Time to power up the cloning machine again.

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