Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So, when you are this far behind, the only thing to do is a list.

1-strong man show seen with C and F Team Impact
2-number of dental appointments, and number of friends staying at our house
3-hours spent attending the 4-H judging, also number of trips made to the fair
4-number of cavities in L's mouth
5-trips to the beach and pool
6-number of children taken to the orthodontists office, note to self, they only have five chairs

E is spending the week at the fair with her friends. Why you would want to camp out with hogs I'm not sure but there is no accounting for taste. The boys need to get ready to go to camp. I have to take L back to get the four cavities filled. E has an appointment to get molds taken for her retainers. She will be getting her braces off after six years. Did I mention her mouth was really messed up? F has his first dentist appointment so he can go to kindergarten. I have spent two afternoons going through clothes to try and find five nice outfits (that means not torn or stained) to wear to school. I haven't been on the puter much and so I am even behind on everyone elses blog. Somehow I don't think next week will be any better.


Merry Mama said...

Hiya. Six here too. Glad you take time to write. I'm going to bookmark this one. How do you pay for life??? I mean, really? I really, really need to know how to pay for my life with six kids. I like being a SAHM, but not sure how to stay paid up on the bills.

Paula said...

Do you have to go to the dentist before you can start school in your district?

And SIX years of orthodontist! OMG! Actually, the 2 of mine that have needed braces so far will probably each do 4 years, 2 years around ages 9-10 and another 2 years in middle school to finish the job.

And thanks for the prayer!