Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wonderful Weekly Post

Well, it's weekly, I can't vouch for the wonderful part.

* The high point of the weekend was L scoring her teams two goals at soccer. They won 2-1. The weekend also included Boy Scout events, trips to libraries, movies and another family soccer game.

* I took green grapes to my Sunday School class. I thought it was kind of a pathetic offering but the kids went nuts for them. Don't these kids have fruit at home?

* Tonight is open house at the school. I already know all the teachers so it seems like a waste of time, but they are serving ice cream so the kids want to go.

* Paula asked what I'm doing that is so interesting. I'm not sure interesting is the word, but maybe more useful than computer time. Mel is going to preschool two days/week at the YMCA (the days F goes to kindergarten) so I'm working out and/or doing errands and grocery shopping during that time. I've been really trying to step up the exercise so I'm spending more time on my yoga and taking bike rides hauling the trailer with F and Mel. I'm also working on turning the basement into two separate areas because S has decided he'd like his room to be down there. He has his own room now but he wants to move. I joined a book club at the library. I'm doing some professional continuing education and of course there is still laundry, cooking, etc around here. If I spend 3 (ok, or 4 or 5) hours on the computer the other stuff doesn't get accomplished. I'm trying to keep it to an hour/day. As ds pointed out, I think that's plenty of video time for him. I hate it when they are right.


Jody said...

I am so with you on the blogging/computer time. I had to really cut back on computer time when I started working again. I now read blogs on Bloglines, and comment sporadically.

Trust me, the habit is not as hard to break as you might think. The more you are away from it, the less you will want to be online.

Lori said...

LOL, yes the 'puter can be a big pull. We have to put our priorities in order. I walk past my 'puter and want to sit down, and I have to constrain myself! My 'puter and coffee, oh my the addictions, LOL!

fanatic cook said...

Oh, I love your green grapes story. I once put slices of apple on a raw vegetable tray and people actually asked what they were ... after eating them! :)