Sunday, September 10, 2006

Out Of Commission

Maybe it was the taxing nature of hanging laundry, but I've been out of commission with migraines and the mist that follows. Honestly, if I'm going to be hung over I wish it was more fun getting that way. Of course there were the trips to football games, soccer games,Sunday school, etc. Oh, the excitement just rolls.

I also exercised great restraint in not becoming embroiled in an internet 'debate'. This is hard for me, because in real life I will argue any point into the ground with anyone. I love to 'debate'. (Fight and argue have been suggested terms for it.) I value these internet aquaintances though, and since making nuances clear in writing is beyond my ability, I stayed out of it. Unfortunately my petty self has conducted the argument in my head. It makes one wonder if I will ever grow up, LOL. Will not! Will too! Will not! Will too!

1 comment:

Paula said...

Aww--it was such a knock down, drag out debate! You should have entered it--the ps needed a little help, I think! LOL

I defended myself when I felt our side needed it, but didn't take any swings. I don't really care how people school their kids, nor do I think either way is better. Depends on who is doing the schooling, really.