Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Week in Recap (or why I haven't posted)

Take dd to first day of preschool. Discover digital camera has died.
Cross country, football and soccer practice
Empty swimming pool
Wash muddy clothes created by swimming pool
Take dd to dentist

Take ds to dentist
Return movies and books to library or just buy them and be done
Soccer practice
Middle School Football game
Buy a huge amount of food to fill up football player

Take dd to first preschool field trip
Make note I still need to buy new digital camera
Pay exhorbinant fees to dentist and mechanic
Call washer repair man and beg him to come so I can pay him exhorbinant fees
Read letter describing kindergarten son's poor test results and decide whether to send him to extra kindergarten classes
Find and deliver dd to new dance class since former studio closed (after 9 years, sob)
Buy more food while dd dances to replace food inhaled by the walking stomach, er ds

The rest of the week shapes up pretty much the same. No deep analyzation of the world's problems or even new ways to degrime your sink will be found here.


Annalise said...

good luck, it all sounds rather exhausting!

Peggy said...

Friday is Mary from fireflies and frogs birthday. please stop by her blog and wish her a happy one