Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Kindness of Strangers

A small town has disadvantages which everyone can list, but there are pluses too. Two of them are 1) you know most people and 2) if they have kids, they'll probably be in some of the activities your kids are. I found a ride last night for L to go to soccer practice and a way for S to get from football practice to Boy Scouts. I needed that help so I could take Mel to the Y for some swim classes. They will normally be while F is at kindergarten and give her something to do. I'm working on my clone, but progress is slow.

Not really anything exciting to report. Life is once again about where the kids have to be when. I know some people just say, don't let them do stuff, but it seems that the only way they get to see other kids is in activities. Other kids seem to stay inside all the time, not allowed to play because their parents are at work or at daycare/activities themselves. Each kid only does one activity but times six it adds up. So....if I whine about all the places I need to be at the same time, either put me on ignore or enjoy the fact you aren't the only one going crazy.

School itself jumped into full swing. Homework on the first night and every night since. I'm glad I went to school in the good old dumb days. Again, I k now you homeschoolers would say just avoid school, but as I said earlier, if I did school they'd read and watch tv all day. Bad mommy. So, on we go, hopefully striking a balance between family, social activities and school. If they all turn out to be ax murderers it's not because we didn't try.

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