Monday, November 20, 2006


I have about 17 different posts floating around in my head, but no way to make one coherent one appear.

I went on the annual Cub Scout Food Drive Saturday, which always makes me feel good. I hope my boys learned something from the experience. I pointed out to them that the most generous givers were not always those who lived in the nicest homes or had the nicest cars parked out front.

Dh is working on Thursday but the kids and I are going to my dad's and his wife's house. I'm not sure what to bring. No one will commit to what they are making, argh! I think I'll go with a pumpkin roll and cookies for all the kids (ok, except for one all the kids are mine, but you know.)

I tried to find Thanksgiving paper plates today to send to F's kindergarten feast on Wednesday. I had to go to three different stores before I found some. I was thinking I would have to resort to drawing hand turkeys on each individual plain paper plate. (Yes, they were specific that they be Thanksgiving plates.)

I need to think about what to get the kids for Christmas. I've had no requests for anything, and when I ask they say they don't know. This of course makes me think that they must already have enough stuff so why bother. Have I mentioned how much I loathe Christmas shopping? I have a feeling that the oldest two have asked for nothing because they think maybe we can't afford it. We have had some unexpected bills but I don't want them to be all noble and stuff.

I am shocked that no one is slowing down for the long holiday weekend. We have all our regular activities, with extra church thrown in, except Cub Scouts which happens on Thursday. I had a couple boys ask me if we were meeting. Umm, no, I plan on being in a food coma.

Which brings me to a worry. I've lost 26 pounds since April. I know it's not possible to gain them all back in one day, but it's bugging me. Not to mention that every weekend through New Years is already booked with some event. I'm hoping for lots of strength.

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