Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Like Little Elves

Yesterday was a half day of school. Why they didn't schedule that half day for last Wednesday I don't know, but anyhoo.
E took it into her head to hand make Christmas cards. I guess now I'll have to send some. The weather has been unseasonably warm (that's info, not complaining) so the others played outside. C and S walked to the scout cabin and river and brought me back pinecones. I am to use them to decorate. Um, have they noticed that their mother is sadly lacking in artistic ability? I gave L and A (who I babysit) glitter and glue and now they are beautiful. I think I'll be really creative and sit them in a bowl on the piano, lol. The church gave us a really nice felt advent calendar so I don't need to download one. It seems like Christmas will get itself taken care of without to much effort on my part. I never decorate too much and like to wait until after the middle of the month to go buy a tree. That is one of our few traditions. We gotta have a real tree! I usually get it up around the 20th. If I had to look at decorations for a month before Christmas I would be sick of them. I did click away with my mouse and get some shopping done. I don't really like shopping. It occurred to me that what I really don't like is too much choice. It's wonderful to have so much to choose from but then I dither about whether it's exactly right, and the best price and if somewhere or something else is better. Very frustrating! I would rather be frustrated at home with a cup of coffee however, than in an actual store.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with dithering in the face of too much choice, to the extent that I have been known to give up entirely when there were just too many options.

Pinecones and glitter is about my decorating level too, btw :-)