Monday, November 13, 2006

Nothing New

As usual, a week has gone by and that pesky real life got in the way of posting. Nothing too awesome, just the usual detritis of life I blather on about here. I did get alot of batch baking done that I wanted to take care of. I would rather get everything dirty once and freeze the extra than make a little every day. I made lots of bread, muffins, cookies and cup cakes so there is no carbohydrate shortage on the horizon here. I also ordered wood and got it all stacked. I fixed a couple loose shingles. I ran the kids to all their stuff. Saturday E had to be at the high school at 6:45 to make the bus for her debate meet. That made for an early day. (She got 1st place in novice congress by the way. I knew she was a good arguer). Since I was up and around I took the other kids to the free movie. The local theater plays a kid's movie Saturday mornings. We saw Over the Hedge which pleasantly surprised me as being amusing. Usually if I'm not stupefied when I leave I consider it a victory. We spent the rest of the day tucked inside with a fire. It was ugly and cold. Sunday was church and Brownies in the afternoon. This week probably won't be any more exciting. I did finally buy a new digital camera this morning. I need to get it out and read the instructions. Yeah right.

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Jody said...

I know the weather must be icky, but it sounds so cozy there with the fire and all that baking.

Now you have me hungry for cupcakes!