Sunday, November 05, 2006

Taking My Day of Rest

Well, I have now handed over most of dh's check to the shoe store. I have purchased four pair this weekend. What happened to the days when sneakers were the cheap shoes? They really needed them though. The least anyone's shoe size increased was a size and a half. You would think they would have mentioned that their shoes were too tight. C's had actual holes in the bottom. Did he tell me this? Duh! I was quite shocked when I had to buy S size 12 men's shoes. Your shoe size shouldn't match your age. His foot is now bigger than dh's. My gosh!!

Yesterday was a full day too. Dh dropped E off at the high school at 7am. It was her first debate match. Eight students participated in her forum and she placed fourth. Not bad for a freshman in her first debate. While dh did that I dropped off S for a Boy Scout bike event. They biked a 27 mile river greenway. After I dropped him off I took F,L and C to sign up for basketball. We changed leagues this year. I just felt where they were playing was ridiculously competitive. It's just kids recreational basketball for heaven's sake, not the NBA. I have no illusions that they are going to win a scholarship, this is for fun. The league we changed to also has Saturday games so no more running around like crazy during school nights. I have enough we are committed to then already. Hopefully this will lead to less stress. S opted not to play this year. He thinks he would like to try swimming at the school. That's alright by me. E is just too consumed with her grades, student council, dance and now debate. I think not playing was probably a good decision for them.

Dh took the older three to see a movie this afternoon. The Prestige. Sounded boring to me so I'm hanging out reading and drinking tea. That's really my perfect day anyway.


Gretchen said...

Hmmm, my 12 yo has almost reached my shoe size, and that bothers me enough! LOL He is not yet taller than me, either, and I am NOT tall. I think I will be happy if he just gets taller than the average for *women* LOL

Paula said...

My oldest, now 14, has been wearing a size 12 for a year or 2 as well. Amazing! But his feet have stopped growing, at least temporarily.