Thursday, May 13, 2010


We hit our official 180 days of school yesterday! Yeah! Now shhh, cause I didn't tell the kids.
Old business~ I've got two lasagnas, 5 lb of browned meat, 3 packages of ham in the freezer and I've got two turkeys yet to bake. I'm on my way to a 'mama ain't cooking' summer.
I'm also still pondering homeschool programs for the summer and next year. So many choices, so little time. I find we're not very good at box checking so bits and pieces are where we end up anyway. I might as well start that way. We're going to finish up some things next week then take 2 weeks off (lots of field trips and fun though). We're then going to do a 3 week mini session, break for 2 more weeks for vacation and the holiday, do 3 week session number 2 and then break 2 more weeks for church camp and general fun. The kids get 6 weeks of vacation but we still get lots done. We'll see how it goes. My thoughts are:

Session 1
Begin Rightstart D and continue B
finish up world history~they like this and see it as story time

Session 2
keyboarding for F, Bible school and day camp for Mel

Of course we're going to do the summer reading program and may throw park tennis lessons and craft time if we feel like it. Oh, and lots of swimming.
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