Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Again

No menu today because I'm working on a OAMC plan. I try to do this when summer heats up and we get so busy. Also, I can micro most stuff and not turn on the oven. A big plus in my circa 1900 kitchen. Today was filled anyway with an ear recheck (finally all clear!), school and lots and lots of laundry. The rainy weekend meant I backed everything up since I'm trying really hard to hand everything and not turn on the dryer again for a long time. I'm also trying to nail down just what we're going to be using next year for school. I need to narrow it down. There is so much great stuff but needless to say you can't do it all. I've got ideas and I'm going to see what I find at the used curriculum sale in June. Now on to Spanish class and stopping at the park because it's too pretty not to. Oh, and Paula, relishes are just raw veggies, usually with hummus or ranch to dip.

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