Saturday, May 08, 2010

Got Away

The whole week got away from me. Four appointments with docs/orthodontists, breakfasts, car repairs, school, t-ball, soccer, soccer, soccer, hail storms. Whew! I accomplished not much other than keeping my head above water. School wise we'll hit 180 days on Wednesday the 12. We'll probably take a little break and then dive back in. It seems stupid to waste summer when they are just sitting around here anyway. Of course some things we'll do we do every summer. Camps, library reading programs, sports. All that is learning and doesn't need a text book. I think if we can devote a little time to grammar/writing and a little time to math we're good. We (ok the kids) like to play math card games and Trivial Pursuit and Risk and...well you get the idea. I think that all counts too. And I'll keep reading to them which they think is fun but we secretly know is (shhh now) good for them. We'll see how it goes.

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Paula said...

Some of my best memories of school is of teachers reading to us. Bears of Blue River, Boxcar Children, Old Yeller. Sweet.