Sunday, May 16, 2010


So it's 6am. Couldn't sleep. Probably because I went to bed at 9pm. I just couldn't stay awake. A very busy,hectic week and Saturday. (Today isn't any better or tomorrow~sigh). I did finish a book last night before bed. I love to read. LOVE IT! I tend to go in fits and starts though. It almost seems like movies. Tons of good stuff, then alot of nothing. If you've got time I recommend
Wolf Hall~this is huge but good and you'll know more about Henry VIII and his time period than you thought you wanted to know

The Happiness Project~I just like peeking into people's lives so I enjoyed this. A little gimicky but nice to know other people think about this stuff too. I'm always up for a little self improvement. I wish it would stick better though

The Weed That Strings The Hangman's Purse~the second mystery featuring a mad chemist named Flavia De Luce, who is 11 years old. E disliked the first book (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie) but I enjoyed it. We usually agree on books so this was surprising.

This summer I'd like to reread some childhood favorites. I can get away with that if I call them read alouds. Or I might just read them anyway. Yes, I am reading A Wrinkle in Time. So there. I admit it, I am juvenile. I promise not to re-read the entire Nancy Drew though. I don't like the new versions anyway. Sacrilege. I grew up on these.

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Paula said...

I have the first 53 Nancy Drew books in case you want to borrow them. No daughter to pass them on to, though!