Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Getting My Head Around It

Sometimes there is a synchronicity to thoughts and conversations that come your way. I was looking at 20mo old dd today. Aside from thinking she is one of the cutest kids on earth, I was thinking how much I love this stage. You can almost see the wheels whirling in their brain. I realized when my oldest was this age her brother had been born, and by the time he reached this age my next ds had arrived. The feeling of my stomach dropping away accompanied the thought that there probably won't be any more 20mo olds. That makes me unbearably sad. I then encountered two people today who wanted to gleefully regale me with stories of their tubal ligations. (Why they should want to talk about that I don't know.) I'm feeling grief over a lack of babies and they are celebrating the end of that season of life. Now please, don't leave me snarky comments about how I should be so grateful for the ones I have, I've got my share, yada, yada. I know that and I agree, but... kids are like chocolate, just because you've had some it doesn't mean you don't want more.


ma said...

awww (((HUGS)))

Funny how we are all different. I just don't get it. I try to keep an open mind hoping they are trying too.

Now you I get. I assume I'll be there soon and it makes me sad too.

Catherine (Bread in the Oven)

novaks8 said...

I also have a 20 month old and can relate.
she is so beautiful and so busy.

She has discovered how to unlock the dishwasher now and this morning she opened it, took out her sippy cup and then started looking for the lid in the silverware basket.
This is the same baby who was born at 34.5 weeks and couldn't even latch on for the first week.


Jody said...

Oh, me too! I have had a baby or toddler in the house now for almost 11 years, and I can't imagine how it will be as Mia grows out of that stage.

Children are such a joy. I am 40 now, and hoping we will be able to have one more, but you never know.

Paula said...

(((HUGS))) Wish I could make it different for you. I may be facing that soon myself--the jury's still out here. I guess everyone has it happen eventually.