Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pool Party?

Well, I worked on the pool but it was no party. After suffering through a migraine Monday, interrupted frequently with pleas of "When are we setting up the pool?', I thought it would just be easier today to get it done. It's not an olympic in-ground but serves our needs nicely. I will say it provides alot of entertainment, I just wish we had a pool boy (preferably a bronzed, muscular pool boy) to take care of the darn thing.

It is only the third day without school and they've already taken bike rides, played tennis, bought too much candy, had involved water gun fights and woven clover jewelry. I wish they'd pace themselves. Maybe I can teach them to make margaritas, put on the Jimmy Buffett tunes and perhaps fan me with palm fronds.


novaks8 said...

oh I have debated getting a pool but having the 19 month old who can climb anything around, makes me very nervous.
How do you deal with the little one and access to the pool?

Perri said...

I love the last idea. Since I am in Indiana too, I'll send my kids for training.