Friday, June 03, 2005

A Hard Game's Night

Some days it's better to stay in bed, and tonight proved sometimes it would be better to keep a kid in bed. I dropped C off at his Little League game and took the girl's to dance recital practice. When I got back to the ball field, I was greeted by my bloody mouthed son with an ice bag. "Hey mom, I got hit with a throw." Uh, great? Second inning comes around, C bravely slides into third base, rips out his pants, and more blood flows down his leg. Uh, try that ice bag you've got. Fourth inning, C is batting, and gets hit really hard in the ribs with a pitch. It sounded sick, but what made it soooo much better was all the other parents asking me "Did you hear that?" Uh, YES! All the coaches and umps rushed over to him. I am proud to admit I stayed in my seat. He eventually shook it off. The best part, they didn't even win the game.


Chris said...

You are my kind of mom. Shake it off is my motto too, you know unless it is a real injury.

And win? what is that?

Jody said...

Poor little guy! It was just not his night.

Love the multi-tasking ice bag!!