Sunday, June 19, 2005

Our Sister Has Left The Building

Today was taken up with delivering E to church camp. She was thrilled to go and a cry of joy came up from her brothers that she will be gone this week. Ah, familial affection. Dh and I agreed we'd really like a week at camp for ourselves. All meals prepared, swimming and games provided, a mandatory quiet half hour at noon, and the evening finished each night with loud music, singing and dancing. Where do I sign up? Instead I'll be slogging off to help with Bible School for three hours every morning, and where am I assigned? The nursery of course. Am I really the only woman in town who likes babies and toddlers?


Chris said...

When you find the camp for adults let me know where to sign up!

Bernadette said...

What a novel idea! You are a saint to take on that job...I love babies and tots, too, and don't have any at home anymore! :~(