Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Morning (Becomes Electric)

So Chris and Carmen are doing a weekly thing about large families. This week is "Morning Routine". This made me laugh, as routine and my family are not too words I think of simultaneously. I do have a vague pattern though, so enjoy (or possibly save this for some evening when you are suffering insomnia.)

5:00am--Awaken to plaintive cries for "nursies". Pick up HRH and hit the button on the coffee maker, then take Miss Mel to the living room and hope no one else wakes up.

5:30am--By some unknown mechanism HRH stops nursing and starts chanting "Pooh, Pooh" I flip on the Disney channel and GET MY COFFEE.

5:30am-6:00am--C, F and L will wander downstairs, find a cover and recline somewhere. Why get out of bed to lie down?

6:00-Wander to the kitchen and contemplate breakfast. Pour lots more coffee. Fix something.

6:30am--E gets up and stumbles to the shower.

7:00--Allow C,F,and L to pound upstairs to find clothes. This accomplishes their dressing and S's awakening. S stumbles to

7:10--Give up on Mel wearing clothes even though her limbs are blue and let her run naked, with uncombed hair and likely a dirty face. Pour more coffee and realize she would fit right in at the White Trash Cutie contest.

7:15--Suggest as children pack lunches that a sandwich and juice would be superior to 3 granola bars and a pudding.

7:20--C reports he is ready can he please, please, please play gamecube. I say yes, if he'll get me another cup of coffee.

7:30--A whom I babysit arrives. I clutch at her mother hoping for adult conversation.

7:32--Run E to school 3days/week for various activities.

8:00-- Shoes! Hear clamoring and groans.
Now begins the longest part of the morning

8:10-The arrival of the bus evidently depends upon the phase of the moon. It can show anywhere from 8:10-8:25. Break up numerous fights in the front yard while they wait.

8:20-Put on Dragon Tales, sit down and have more coffee. Do you see a theme here?
When I do housework depends on dh's schedule. If he is working days he has left the house at 6:00am and I'll clean up a little, throw in some laundry, whatever. If he is working evenings I put all that off until after he leaves at 11:00. This is just a rough estimate and rarely runs the same exact way two days in a row. And of course there are the last minute paper signings, check writings and sports gear and band instruments to gather, and the odd poster that makes riding the bus impossible, etc, etc. Beyond boring! Except the coffee.


owlhaven said...

yes, coffee is a theme at my house too!! had fun reading about your morning. Mine is up on my blog too...

Lori said...

Wonderful post! I think all moms need their coffee in the morning, I know I do! Thanks for sharing.

Amie said...

too funny! Dragon Tales and playhouse disney are a morning theme at our house too.....?? :)

Jody said...

Yes, coffee keeps us sane.

This morning was INsane, so I am now enjoying my cup of sanity! :*)

O_Scientist said...

Thanks for sharing. Your morning starts a lot earlier than mine ^^


novaks8 said...

Sounds a lot like our morning here.
Today was a good day..why?
Because Dragon Tales was in English!
It has been in Spanish for a week or more!
Love that show.
It has some really good moral lessons.