Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eight is Great

Happy Birthday L. Today she is eight. What to say about L. She is the child I have the hardest time getting along with. Strong willed really doesn't do her justice. A tantrum can easily last eight (how ironic) hours. She has gone 30 hours without eating rather than pick up a pair of socks. Just a tad hard to deal with. I try to remind myself that when she sets a goal she succeeds. Not to paint too grim of a picture, she is also smart, funny and a leader at school. (Probably because everyone is afraid to tell her no, LOL). She is also a very good sister to Mel, letting her play tea party and reading her stories. I'm sure I will be very proud of her someday, if I don't die from exhaustion first.

She was swimming, and when she saw the camera she immediately struck a pose. It is so L.
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The birthday kid always gets to pick meals. Her choices today were homemade cinnamon rolls, chocolate m&m cookies for her class at school and spaghetti and garlic bread with cake for supper. It was a very difficult decision whether we would have cake or pumpkin pie.


novaks8 said...

My 8 year old is also the one I struggle with.

She fits the profile of yours!

Happy Birthday to her!!!

Paula said...

Must be those Leos. My dd turned 9 on Aug. 12, and she sounds a lot like L. I just struggled for words that weren't insulting when describing her to her teacher. Determination and perseverance were the most complimentary synonyms for willful and stubborn that I could come up with.

She is also a leader, and loves the camera, and just looking good in general.