Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Rock!

After dental fun yesterday, I again tried to sweep the corners of my kitchen and said "Enough!" I've had the new vinyl for a year but it never got trimmed out. Something else always came,kids, food, shelter. I couldn't stand it anymore and was tired of waiting on others (dh) sooo.... I went to Lowe's, bought cheap prepainted quarter round and did it myself. In two hours. Don't let guys tell you it's a big deal. I am now Mistress of the Mitersaw. (sounds kinky) and my kitchen and bathroom have trim. It's not gorgeous, exotic, finely carved trim, but it's trim darn it! I might also mention I still had time to make a pot roast. I rock! In other news, sensing that I had spent some money, the bearing on my washing machine went out. How do the appliances know????


Lori said...

You sound pretty handy dandy! I'm horrible with anything like that.

Annalise said...

Very impressive! I am so un-handy; wouldn't even recognise a mitersaw or quarter round, let alone be able to do anything useful with them.

Ugh about the washing machine though; hope it is not an expensive fix.