Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hodge Podge

Just some thoughts on a steamy Sunday night. I have been reading this Reduced Shakespeare: The Attention Impaired Readers Guide Amusing, yet educational (Great taste-less filling).
I also like these sites. They appeal to my extremely trivial mind. (yes, I can remember the main export of Paraguay, but not a dentist appointment.)
For the Lone Ranger Fan
More Shakespeare Fun
Good Girls Kill For Money And I've actually had e-mail contact with one of the writers.
Finally pics. I never had a girly-girl moment in my life, but my girls seem to be that way anyway. All that was missing from the tea party were the scones and cream.
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What happens when you don't securely put away the birthday decorations? She even did a hula rendition.
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Lori said...

Way too cute!!