Monday, August 21, 2006

Squeezing In Some Fun

On Sunday we took the kids to the zoo. We would have liked to do something more, but the budget and time constraints kept that from happening. We did have great weather, and we let the littles do pony rides and bought lunch there. Does it say something about our family that eating at the zoo was a big deal? Too many picnics on trips?

Monday L had two fillings done. She has two more to go. We did manage to make it through this appointment. She was the child you most want to disown at the last attempt. Gee, now I just have 3 more appointments this week and two next week. I hope the dentist's family is enjoying the lifestyle I'm providing.

C had soccer practice and E went to a high school swimming party. I am amazed at that kid's social life. She could find friends on a deserted island.

Mel has a croupy cough. How do you get that in August? My allergies are driving me crazy. S has to pick up football equipment today. And so the treadmill of activities begins. I want them to be involved, I really do, but it sure seems to involve me. I'm even the mean mom who makes people ride their bike to practice or walk home when possible, and it still seems to involve me. ~Sigh~

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Lori said...

My 2 little ones have a croupy cough. I wondered the same thing, croup in August? It almost seems our drafty air conditioning brought it on.