Thursday, October 19, 2006


Famdemic is the word coined by S for the family pandemic we are currently experiencing. I seriously think the last time any of the kids were sick was two years ago. I don't think Mel has ever been sick and she turns three on Friday. They have broken that streak however. Some sort of croupy, fevery beasty is making its way through the house. So far E, S and I have been spared but the others have succumbed. It's nothing serious, but you can't send them to school hacking with a 102 fever. Of course the really scary, seal-like coughing, gasping for air stuff is left for 2am. I really detest sitting in a steamy bathroom, checking their nail beds to see if they are cyanotic. I must have missed that page in the parenting brochure. Otherwise things are fine. The weather has been gray and chilly. Since I've been stuck home I've been keeping a nice fire mulling all day. That along with medicinal doses of chocolate and fiction are keeping me sane. Here's hoping others are faring better.


truth said...

Sorry to hear so many are under the weather. Hopefully it turns around soon.

Paula said...

Hopefully you are getting your winter flu over with now!